Liebling Gedichte



I once thought that life was a dream
Now every day I want to scream
I say, "It's not fair!"
"Life is a nightmare!..."
As I watch my soul tear at the seams.


Selische schmerz...


Give my wounds
Time to heal
Give my heart
Time to feel
Give my soul
Time to be found
Pick my body
Up off the ground

Let your mind
Freely speak
Let your eyes
Freely seek
Let your ears
Hear my cries
Judge by weight
Not by size

We shall find
Truth in lies
We shall make
Dark from light
We shall take
What we need
Leave the rest
Abandon greed

Climb aboard
Ride the train
One for all
All in vain
Restless mind
Left behind
Walking home
All alone

Heal my wounds
In good time
Heal my heart
With your rhyme
Free my soul
Lost no more
Take my body
I am your.




One word can change even the slightest
Tiniest little friend; make him bigger
Than any mountain; make her sour
High on the heaven’s nightly sky

"Do you miss yourself?"

Three words conjure important twists
Powerful effects, crumbling any force
While the silence within shatters all walls
Dipped in blood even the simplest sweetest word

"I don’t miss myself."

Words can tell stories so dreadful
Tales filled with overflowing, wondrous
Joy, unsurpassed even with bloodshed
Described in such horror-causing images

"I love you."

Misleading words walk a path of deception
Though honesty also fools even the wise
Paints their fragile, frail, folly walls
With pictures of you shattered asunder

”Speak to me but don’t say one word.

I don’t want to die.




Freunde sind wie Sterne man kann sie nicht immer sehen aber man weis sie sind immer da.

Keks Geschichten

Ein Keks. So wenig. Und doch so viel. Ein Keks. Die Essenz des Lebens. Und das Todesurteil. Ein Keks. Der Sinn allen seins. Und doch ohne wichtig zu sein. Ein Keks. Mehr als nur was für zwischendurch.




Keks Wars. Das Imperium beißt ab. Entdecke die dunkle Seite des Kekses. Die mit Schokolade!

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